About Us


Mother Tongue Jobs was founded in London in 2019 as a job board for bi- and multilinguals. As expats with marketing and sales careers from various cities in Europe, we believe in international cooperation, innovative business, and the freedom these values give to ambitious individuals to explore the world.

Uniting talent with ambitious business

Our daily mission is, in other words, to unite Europe’s best talents with ambitious start-ups and world-renowned top 500 companies.

Thanks to our expat background, we know precisely how. We follow economic and cultural trends and new technological opportunities with careful attention, so we know what’s moving in many of Europe’s expat communities.

Furthermore, we combine our knowledge of local etiquette and global business culture. As a result, we can offer companies in Europe a diverse selection of international job seekers with the right language skills, attitude, and knowledge of the required sector.

This secures that Europe’s ambitious talent mass is matched with likewise ambitious companies across the continent. We work with many types of candidates and have many lines of businesses on the radar. That means we can offer a great product to both our advertisers and candidates. The sectors we work with include commercial sectors such as sales, marketing, and customer to specialised industries such as teaching, finance, and technology.


It goes without saying that the ability to sell a product or service to a global market is a cornerstone in many businesses on the globe. Thus, there will always be plenty of job opportunities for bilingual staff. We are dedicated to using our extensive marketing knowledge and awareness of the expat job market to offer you a qualitative selection of job opportunities.

But working abroad is not only about business, is it? It’s about adventure and discovering cities across the globe. Our logo, which you can see in the top left corner, depicts both a mother with a child in her womb and a speech bubble. It may sound a bit pretentious, but going abroad is something warm and unique. Your planned one year abroad may last several years, you may make lifelong friendships, and perhaps a romantic encounter that will shape your life.

Reach us!

Email, chat, Facebook or an old school telephone call. We are easy to reach across various platforms, and both companies and job seekers are more than welcome to call us.

On top of this, job seekers can sign up to our newsletter and upload their CV and then we will pursue the perfect job match.