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Mother Tongue Jobs was founded in London in 2019 as a job board for bi- and multilinguals. We are expats with marketing and sales careers from various cities in Europe, and we believe in international cooperation, innovative business, and the freedom these values give to ambitious individuals to explore the world.

Let us explain in three steps why you should consider advertising with us.

Our Skills

We are marketing experts. That is our supreme skill, and that means we can twist Google Adwords and other ad platforms to target the kind of audience you are looking for. It also means we can make creative ads that deliver a precise message with a fresh and aesthetically appealing design.

Low Prices & Simple Packages

We offer two kinds of packages. One where you pay per ad and one where you pay for each person you hire through us. If you want to pay per ad, the price is £60.00/€70.00/US$85.00 per ad. If you prefer to pay per hired candidate, the price is £700.00/€900.00/US$1000.00 per person you hire through us.

We are still registered as a sole trader business, which means there is no VAT on top of this. There are no extra packages either that you will suddenly need, no booking fee at the end of some check out page, or any other hidden fees. It’s simply a question of whether you want to pay per ad or per hired candidate.

The currency differences are, by the way, based on a rounded 10-year average. That means we can keep a relatively stable exchange rate between the Euro, the American Dollar, and the British Pound when we do business with you.

Free Tests

We think the best way to get to know you and your needs as a business is to offer you a free test. There are no obligations to use our service after the free trial. The only conditions we have is that the advertised role needs to be a real vacancy, the job should require some specific language skills, plus it needs to be the first time you advertise on our site.


We hope so. If you are, please email us the job details at or fill out the form below and we will have your free test posted ASAP.

If you are not fully convinced or would like to have a further introduction to us and our service, feel free to send us an email to the same address with any questions you may have. We can also arrange a Skype meeting, and you are of course welcome to give us a call on +44 20 3239 2220 anytime.

We hope to hear from you soon!