There are two payment models when you use Mother Tongue Jobs. Either you can Pay Per Hired Candidate, or you can Pay Per Ad you post. It does vary a lot, which model companies want to use. However, if you have used the free test, you probably have a good idea, which one will be the most sustainable model for you.

Generally speaking, companies looking for relatively low skilled staff, companies with lots of entry roles or companies who are open for many types of career backgrounds will benefit most from the Pay Per Ad model.

Let us also underline that companies using either of the payment models will receive the same quality of service. It’s just a question of which sort of payment model you want to use.

We do offer one guarantee with the Pay Per Ad model, and that is if you don’t get any applicants, we will offer you a full refund. As it’s also your responsibility, to make sure to write an advert that attracts the right quantity and quality of candidates, we are unfortunately not able to offer any other guarantees.

As Mother Tongue Jobs is still registered as a sole trader business there is no VAT on top of our price.