There are two payment models you can choose between with Mother Tongue Jobs. Either you can Pay Per Hired Candidate, or you can Pay Per Ad you post. It does vary a lot, which model companies want to use. However, if you have used the free test, you probably have a good idea, which one will be the most sustainable model for you.

Generally speaking, companies looking for candidates that have specific skill sets and educational backgrounds or candidates in areas with few bilinguals will benefit most from the Pay Per Hired Candidate model.

The greatest benefit of this model is that if you don’t hire any candidates, you will not owe us any money. On top of this, if the candidate stops working for you within two weeks, we will offer you a full refund, and if the candidate stops working for you within a month, we will offer you a 50 % refund. It doesn’t matter to the policy if the candidate decides to leave your company themselves or if you make them redundant.

With this payment model, you must keep us updated about the application process, as well as if you refer the candidate to other roles within your company. This is because you will still be liable for the fee if you hire the candidate for another position within six months of Mother Tongue Jobs’ introduction of the candidate.

As Mother Tongue Jobs is still registered as a sole trader business there is no VAT on top of our price.